What do we do?


For Builders

Services coordination, on-site issues, procurement management, tender review and recommendations, contract variations and progress claims, commissioning and certification management.

For Developers

Independent Commission Agent (ICA), Green Star compliance, contractual agreements, Documentation review and Client Handover

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Services coordination and management, commissioning management, document review and Client Handover


Design, Coordination, services management, Fibre Optic and communications infrastructure construction, peer review, commissioning

We understand that most builders like to rely on their internal design and services engineers to assist with construction queries and certifications.


However, by having a truly independent assessor to review your building from design through to construction and operation presents an opportunity to reduce defects, minimise costs and maintain programme.

CSI can support your on site project team and coordinate with clients, design team and sub-contractors to meet their needs.

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CSI also specialises in building services commissioning management where we can assist in commissioning testing and fine tuning. CSI can create a commissioning plan and manage the commissioning process such that all contractors are on the same page. Furthermore, we can review on going system operation and as built documentation to comply with Green Star requirements.

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We provide outstanding value in other areas like:

  • Services coordination
  • Resolution of on-site issues
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Equipment Procurement
  • RFI’s
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Tender approvals and sign-offs
  • Contract variations and progress claims
  • Installation and witness testing
  • Training, certifications, O&M manuals
  • Professional and concise status reporting
  • On-going maintenance reviews
  • Facilities Management



Whether you are developing a new building or refurbishing an existing one, it is in your best interest to achieve the most energy efficient and sustainable building possible to ensure a positive impact on your new and existing tenants.


Achieving tenant satisfaction comes down to services management providing trouble free systems, occupant comfort and low energy costs. However, through our experiences, we have witnessed developers lacking solid in-house understanding of Building Services, which consists of Mechanical, Electrical, Communications, Security, Fire, Hydraulic and ESD.

CSI specialises in Building Services, with in-depth knowledge and experience in monitoring Builders and their Sub-contractors to overcome services issues and specific client changes. CSI will also monitor and review against the builder’s design intent to ensure contractual compliance.

CSI will act on behalf of developers, as an ICA with a primary goal to independently identify building system deficiencies as early in the project as possible and monitor their status until they are corrected upon completion providing the most efficient building systems and monitoring their ongoing performance.

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Sustainable Buildings (Green Star)

With Green Star setting a new standard for all commercial and retail buildings, building developers are encouraged to achieve the most sustainable building practices.

By appointing an Independent Commissioning Agent (ICA) by the owner, building developers, project managers and tenants can be sure that the building has been commissioned correctly to the safest standards and running at the best overall performance. It is also essential to achieve a reliable and successful Green Star Rating under the Green Star Office MAN-4 credit.

CSI will act on behalf of the developers, as an ICA with a primary goal is to independently identify building system deficiencies as early in the project as possible and monitor their status until they are corrected upon completion.

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A successful and experienced ICA can:

  • Oversees the whole project from design through to construction and post completion building tuning.
  • Provide unbiased review and recommendations to the design team, consultants and contractors to ensure that the building is commissioned effectively and efficiently.
  • Ensure achieving the target building’s NABERS energy rating requirements.
  • Provides a successful transfer of building information at commissioning for future Building operators, Maintainers, Occupants and Modifiers.
  • Oversee training, operations and maintenance of systems and staff.
  • Prepare final commissioning report including recommendations on building performance.

CSI is known for our ability to manage and deliver high-quality projects on time and within budget.


We have a strong commitment to meet and satisfy all clients’ specific requirements by providing turnkey solutions through innovation and implementation.

CSI can independently provide a holistic approach in building services management that starts from initial concept design all the way through to construction, commissioning, handover and post completion.

In case of novation of your original services consultants, CSI will monitor and review against the builder’s design intent to ensure contractual compliance.

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We know and understand Builders, their Sub-contractors and Developers and have been directly engaged by them for multiple projects as services managers, services engineers and commissioning managers.

CSI will manage the ongoing site issues including design and scope changes, alternative plant/systems, contract variations, shop drawings, approvals, RFI’s, commissioning, O&M schedules and handover.

Regardless, of a project’s size or complexity, we aim to commit and to provide you with a trouble free services experience by reducing the complexity of practical completion and client handover.

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Infrastructure at CSI provides services primarily to the rail, electrical and communication industries. Our team consists of engineers and electricians with a wealth of knowledge and experience. This unique combination of personnel allows CSI to translate theoretical knowledge into practical solutions by pairing new ideas with past experience.


Recently CSI’s infrastructure focus has been on the rail sector working on projects encompassing the following elements:
- Communications (Optical fibre and copper cabling)
- Signalling and SCADA Systems
- Station Systems (Passenger information, ticketing, CCTV, PA systems)
- Electrical (Sub stations, station power, back-up systems, DC systems)
- Combined Services Routes

CSI has the resources and personnel to take your project from an idea to a configured and operational system. Our services include project management, construction management, design, commissioning and assurance.


CSI can provide strategic management of our clients assets ensuring efficient and effective use of one of their major investments.

We will be updating this page with further information shortly.